East champaran: Every day a father takes his daughter to a training center 2 KM away by bicycle to make her strong, know what is his thinking

East Champaran. There was a time when a sister used to promise her protection by tying a rakhi on her brother’s wrist. But with the changing times, dependence on brother or any other for self-defense has become a thing of the past. Now daughters are becoming self-reliant by taking training in Taekwondo etc. for self-defense. Awareness about this is also visible in Motihari.

Nazish Hussain Khan, a fifth student, says that along with studies, she has been taking training with Abba at the Taekwondo Center located 2 kilometers away from her house for the last three years. She says that everyone should give self-defense training to their daughters.

‘Girls are also strong’

Black belt Muskaan tells that she has been doing Taekwondo for the last 7 years. From the beginning there was a desire that he should get training in self-defense. But some members of the house were against Taekwondo training. In this matter he got the support of his elder brother. She says that many parents think that only boys are strong, whereas it is not so. Girls can also do their self defense by getting training.

‘Everyone should get their children trained’

Nazish’s father Nasir Hussain Khan told that every morning after namaz, they bring Nazish to the center and bring him back after training. Explaining the reason behind giving self-defense education to his daughter, he says that because of this our daughter will not need anyone’s support.

She will be able to protect herself. Not only this, in the coming time, being self-sufficient in this field, can also earn a living. They say that there is a lot of backwardness in our society regarding education. He appealed to all the people of the society to provide their child with education as well as training in Taekwondo, Karate etc.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 24, 2023

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