‘Elder brother engineer… how long will you wander’, had to listen to taunts from mother, son is the pride of Team India today


Indian cricketer remembers his days of struggle
Played cricket wearing slippers for 19 years

New Delhi. Team India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj has been bowling brilliantly in all three formats for the last 1 year. He bowled amazingly in ODIs. This is the reason why Siraj is currently in second place in the ODI rankings of bowlers. He is currently playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2023 and in the 16th season of the league, Siraj has taken 16 wickets in 12 matches. He has taken the most wickets for RCB. He will be seen playing in the final of the World Test Championship in June. Meanwhile, he has recalled the days of his struggles on a show and told how he had to listen to taunts from his mother because of cricket.

Mohammad Siraj recently shared the story of his early days in the show Break Fast with Champions, how he had to listen to taunts from his mother everyday due to cricket. Siraj told in the show, I used to bunk from college and go to play cricket. When the call used to reach my mother from college, she used to say that elder brother is an engineer, where are you wandering. I used to reach home only when my father had come home. Because only father used to save from mother. Mother used to beat me. Then mother used to tell me that later don’t say that she got a son done engineering and didn’t teach me.

Received Rs 500 reward for taking 9 wickets: Siraj
Siraj further said, Papa saved me many times. He did a lot for me. After 2013, the family members felt that I would play cricket only. After this both father and mother had stopped speaking. I just played tennis ball tournaments and leagues in Hyderabad for three years. In 2016, I got a chance to play Ranji Trophy. Uncle had a club. Took 9 wickets in the first match itself. A prize of Rs 500 was received in that match. Out of that, Rs 300 was given at home.

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‘We used to get pocket money of Rs 70 a day’
Recalling his days of struggle, the Indian pacer further said, “Father used to give 70 rupees daily in the name of pocket money, out of which 40 rupees were used for petrol in the old bike, which had to struggle hard to start. . Others used to come for practice in expensive vehicles like Mercedes, BMW. While I waited for him to leave. So that I can push start my Khatara bike. He was not used to seeing me and used to keep his distance.

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