Electric car can run 1000 kilometers by charging once, just have to install this battery

Chinese EV battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) has unveiled a new electric car battery that can deliver a range of over 1000 km on a single charge. If this battery is used in electric cars, then energy can be saved to a great extent and it will also be easy to bring electric cars to a longer distance in less time. Let’s know about this new electric car battery.

Chinese company CATL, known as the world’s largest manufacturer of electric-car batteries, said it will start making the next-generation “Qilin” next year. CATL said that the battery charges much faster than the current cell. It is more secure as well as more robust. Fujian, Ningde-based CATL said the Qilin battery, named after a mythical Chinese creature, has an energy density of up to 255 watt-hours per kilogram.

The company said in a press release that “The CTP 3.0 battery has an internal crossbeam, liquid-cooling plate and thermal pad integrated into a multifunctional elastic interlayer. It also has built-in micron bridges inside the interlayer that provide full life.” flexibly adjusts the changes inside the cell while improving the robustness of the battery. The integrated energy unit composed of the cell and the multidimensional elastic interlayer. The driving direction creates a more stable load-bearing structure and thus the battery The shock and vibration resistance of the pack increases.”

The company reported that it has secured 45 billion yuan of funding in a private placement of shares for the production and upgrade of lithium-ion battery manufacturing as well as research and manufacturing in four cities in China. CATL has faced a lot of business this year due to rising raw material prices as well as trade deficit. The company’s first-quarter net income was 1.49 billion yuan, down 24 percent from a year earlier. The company did not disclose the 1.79 billion yuan derivative liability, which is a post-listing charge.

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