Electric highway will be built from Delhi to Mumbai, electric vehicles will be charged while walking on the road!

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari is planning to build an electric highway between capital Delhi and metropolitan Mumbai. He reportedly gave some details about the central government’s plan earlier this week. He told that many aspects will be considered in this plan. Alternatives like ethanol, methanol and green hydrogen can be used to reduce pollution.

TOI citing news agency PTI Information Nitin Gadkari informed at the beginning of the week that the government is considering preparing an electric highway between Delhi and Mumbai, in which several tunnels will also be built for Rs 2.5 lakh crore. He told that trolley trucks will also be able to run on this electric highway like trolleybuses. Gadkari said, “Our plan is to build an electric highway from Delhi to Mumbai. You can drive a trolley truck just like a trolleybus.”

Explain that a trolleybus is an electric bus, which takes power from the electric line above the road. The biggest example of this are hybrid trains, which take power from high voltage electric wires above the tracks. Here the meaning of electric highway is the same, in which there will be high power electric lines over the road.

Gadkari also urged heavy vehicle owners to use alternative fuels like ethanol, methanol and green hydrogen to prevent pollution. “I request heavy vehicle owners to use alternatives like ethanol, methanol and green hydrogen as they are cost effective and import substitutes,” he added.

The Union Minister informed that their aim is to reduce road accidents and deaths. “We need trained drivers. As a fast growing economy, India needs all forms of transport.

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