Elon Musk accuses Twitter of paying bribe to hide mess

Electric car maker Tesla Chairman Elon Musk’s lawyer Alex Spiro has claimed that Twitter paid $7 million to a whistleblower to cover up wrongdoing at the company. Twitter has filed a legal case against Musk for his failure to complete the $44 billion deal to buy Twitter.

Spiro made this claim at the hearing of the case. Bloomberg’s Report It has been told that this whistleblower is former security chief of Twitter, Peiter Zatko. It is believed that the company prevented him from giving public information on some problems. Although he is free to become a government whistleblower. Musk has been allowed to use the claims made on Zatko’s behalf in a hearing against Twitter in October. Musk believes Twitter misreported the number of fake accounts on its platform. Because of this, he has decided not to buy the company.

However, Twitter lawyers have questioned Zatko’s credibility. The company’s lawyers argue that the reason for the allegations leveled on his behalf may be his resentment against the company after he was fired from Twitter. Spiro says that instead of quietly leaving the company after taking the money, Zatko even approached the US Congress about his complaint against Twitter.

Since Musk announced in July to break the deal to buy Twitter, the company and his Conflict Its going on. Twitter has filed a lawsuit against Musk regarding this. Musk wants to get out of this deal but Twitter has asked the court to order Musk to buy the company at a fixed amount. In April, Musk entered into an agreement to buy Twitter to pay the company $54.20 per share. In June, he warned Twitter about violating the agreement that he could withdraw from the deal if the company did not provide data on spam accounts.

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