England become the only nation to appear in two simultaneous test matches new Zealand west indies


New Delhi. England is called the father of cricket. He also played the first international match of cricket. Cricket started with Tests. But about 91 years ago from today, the English team played 2 Test matches in 2 countries simultaneously. He had won in one match, while losing in one. This incident has happened only once in the history of cricket, when a team has played 2 Test matches simultaneously. Let us tell you in detail about this interesting incident.

England vs New Zealand Between 10 and 13 January 1930, the Test was played in Christchurch. This was New Zealand’s overall first Test. New Zealand’s team could only score 112 runs in the first innings. Under the leadership of Harold Gilligan, England took the lead by scoring 181 runs in the first innings. New Zealand’s team could only score 131 runs in the second innings. England achieved the target of 63 runs by losing 2 wickets. In this way the team won this match by 8 wickets.

Started in West Indies from January 11

On one hand the England team was playing Tests in New Zealand and the other team of England from 11 January 1930. West Indies (England vs West Indies) I went to play Test match. This match lasted for 5 days and England’s team was able to draw the match in the end. Batting first, West Indies scored 369 runs in the first innings. In reply, England captain Freddie Calthorpe He took the lead by scoring 467 runs in the lead.

West Indies set a target of 287 runs

In the 5-day match, the West Indies team made a struggling score of 384 runs in the second innings. In this way, England got a challenging target of 287 runs. But achieving this target in the fourth innings is not easy. The team scored 167 runs for 3 wickets in 65 overs. Thus the match ended in a draw. But England achieved a new position by playing matches in 2 countries simultaneously. It can also be said to be important from the point of view that 22 of its players came together to play international matches. Still the team did not lose.

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The only team to have played more than 1000 Tests

England team is the only team in the world to play more than 1000 Tests. No other team has even touched the figure of 850 matches so far. England has played 1040 Tests so far. He won in 378, while losing in 311. 351 matches were drawn. Australia The team is at number two with 834 matches. 394 Test teams have won, while 226 have lost. 2 matches have been tied and 212 matches have been drawn. Team India Overall, playing 557 Tests is at number four. The team has won 165 matches, while it has lost in 171. 1 match was tied, while 220 matches were drawn.

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