England’s impact in Ranji Trophy too… Tamil Nadu hit 108 runs in 7 overs… Hyderabad’s breathless

New Delhi: In the match of Ranji Trophy 2022-23, a very exciting match was seen between Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu on Friday. Alam was that during this four-day match played in Test format, the Tamil Nadu team scored 108 runs in just seven overs. However, despite this, he could not reach his team to the threshold of victory. By just 36 runs, he missed winning this match for his team. The end of the day’s play was announced. So the match ended in a draw.

The target was 144 runs

This match was played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. During the game of the last session on the fourth day, the Hyderabad team was all out for 258 runs. Tamil Nadu got the target of 144 runs to win. The time for the end of the match was drawing near. In such a situation, even the Hyderabad team had no idea that they could lose this match.

Surdashan- Jagdishan breathed his last

Usually, in such a situation, both the teams decide to end the match by consensus, but Tamil Nadu team captain Baba Inderjeet had something else going on in his mind. Sai Sudarshan and N Jagadishan came for the opening and started attacking the opposition from the very first ball. Together they hit 108 runs in seven overs. Sudarshan scored 42 runs in 20 balls in his innings. He also hit five sixes in his innings while playing with a strikerate of 210. Jagdishan was even one step ahead of Sudarshan. Playing with a strike rate of 272, he hit an unbeaten 60 off just 22 balls. During this, eight sixes came from his bat.

Had we got two more overs, it would have been a matter

In the end, the umpire announced the end of the match. In this way the Hyderabad team was saved from losing the match. Looking at the speed with which the Tamil Nadu batsmen were scoring runs, it can be understood that if they had got two more overs, they would have scored the remaining 36 runs as well and would have won this match. Whatever may be the result, but this match once again proved that T20 adventure is possible even in Test cricket.

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