Englands mike getting his nose broken by a malcolm marshall bouncer on this day in 1986 england vs west indies


An incident on the cricket field left the batsmen in awe
Mike Gatting’s nose was broken by a Malcolm Marshall bouncer

New Delhi. It is common for players to get injured in the cricket field. Sometimes this happens during batting and sometimes during fielding. But an incident that happened 37 years ago on the field shook the whole world. This incident happened between England and West Indies on this day in 1986. An ODI match was played between the two teams at Sabina Park, in which Malcolm Marshall, the short-tempered bowler of the West Indies, gave such a wound to England batsman Mike Gatting that at that time all the batsmen were in awe.

The England team was on a tour of the West Indies in 1986. This was the first match of the ODI series at Sabina Park. The English team, captained by David Gower, started batting first. Graham Gooch and Tim Robinson landed for the opening. Gooch handled one end, but at the other end, first Robinson and then captain Gawar, who landed at number three, returned to the pavilion on a score of zero. After this, Mike Gatting landed for batting at number four. Gatting, along with Gooch, started the work of advancing England’s innings. During this time that incident happened, which shook the world of cricket.

Marshall’s bouncer breaks Gatting’s nose
Mike Gatting was playing after scoring 10 runs. Malcolm Marshall was of small stature on the bowling attack. Marshall’s height may have been small. But, he used to surprise everyone with his speed. The same happened with Gatting. Marshall bowled a bouncer, Gatting could not gauge the pace of the ball. He was wearing a helmet without a net. Marshall’s stormy bouncer hit Gatting straight on the nose. Worse, the ball hit the stump after hitting Gatting’s nose and Gatting was bowled. A fountain of blood gushed from Gatting’s nose. When the ball was seen, some part of Gatting’s nose bone was stuck on it. Whoever witnessed this incident was filled with fear.

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In this match, England scored 145 runs for 8 wickets. Malcolm Marshall took the most 4 wickets for the West Indies. Later Westin achieved the target by losing 4 wickets. But the story of Marshall’s stormy bouncer is famous even today.

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