ENGWE X26, an affordable electric bike with 100KM range in single charge, introduced, will run fiercely at a modest cost

Chinese e-bike manufacturer ENGWE has introduced its X26 electric bike. The company says that it is a rough and versatile. ENGWE X26 offers a range of around 100 km and can run at a top speed of 50 kmph. According to ENGWE, ENGWE X26 is the best option for customers who want a rugged, fast, versatile and high-range e-bike.

The ENGWE X26 has been designed to travel in both urban and off-road terrains. It gets 26-inch tyres, which are 4-inch thick. These tires provide both strength and comfort on tough terrains. The X26’s powerful frame provides large payload capacity. An additional passenger can also be carried in the back of this e-bike. ENGWE also says that the unique styling of the X26 gives it a distinct design. Its suspension includes air, mechanical shock and normal suspension which provides extra comfort during riding. Front, middle and rear suspension can affect the pedal feel of the bike.

In terms of power and specifications, the ENGWE X26 is powered by a 750W electric motor that can reach 1,000W peak. Talking about the speed, it gets a speed of 50 km. Talking about riding mode, Normal, Sport and Assist riding modes are available in ENGWE X26. Talking about the range, it can run for about 100 km in normal mode. The ENGWE X26 packs a primary built-in battery and a secondary removable 9.6Ah battery. The unique battery can be charged and replaced which provides extra range for the X26.

The weight of this e-bike is 41 kg which is foldable. This e-bike has been offered through IndieGoGo at a discounted price of $1,600. The Indiegogo campaign for the X26 began earlier this month and shipping will begin in August 2022. It will be available in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

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