ENGWE X26 electric bike running 100 km in single charge launched, know the price

ENGWE has launched the electric bicycle X26 under the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It is an all-terrain bike, which means it has been designed to ride on all kinds of areas and conditions. This electric bike has a top speed of 50km/h and a range of 100km. The company says that it is the longest range e-bike in the market.

Engwe X26 price

The retail price of ENGWE X26 is $ 2,699 (about Rs 2 lakh 15 thousand). But after swearing in the Indiegogo campaign, it can be bought for $ 1,599 (about Rs 1 lakh 27 thousand). Deliveries for this will start in October 2022. E-bike is the official name of the company. Website Listed on.

ENGWE X26 design, features

ENGWE X26 is an all terrain bike which weighs only 41 kgs. It comes with a foldable design and due to this it also becomes portable. It can be easily folded. The electric bike is powered by 1,373Wh dual batteries. These can also be swapped. The X26 is powered by a 1000W electric motor. As mentioned earlier, this electric bike has been given a top speed of 50km/h with three speed options – Normal, Assist and Sport. It gets hydraulic brake system.

The ENGWE X26 features a triple shock suspension system. The tires are chunky which makes it a comfortable ride. A full color LCD screen has also been installed in the bike, so that the rider gets performance information simultaneously. It also gets 12W head light and brake light.

The company says that the production of the bike is going on and the deliveries for it will start in October 2022. The Indiegogo campaign is scheduled to run till August 14. Under the campaign, many types of discounts are available on e-bikes. Currently the bike can be bought in Europe and America.

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