EXCLUSIVE: India may be stripped of hosting the 2023 ODI World Cup? ICC serious about the matter


Hosting of 2023 ODI World to be held in India looks in danger
There are some matters to be discussed between ICC and BCCI

K Srinivasa Rao. There is no solution to the ongoing dispute between the cricket boards of India and Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board President Rameez Raja has been continuously accusing the ICC of adopting a lax attitude towards the BCCI. Pakistan has threatened many times not to take part in the ODI World to be held in India next year, but now doubts are being raised about the tournament being held in India.

Raza has given several statements on the ongoing dispute between PCB and BCCI and has raised the matter between the two countries in front of the ICC many times. This time the matter is about hosting the ICC ODI World to be held in India and the matter is looking serious. It has become clear whether the Indian team will not go to Pakistan to participate in the Asia Cup. Furious over this, the PCB has not yet been able to say officially whether the Pakistan team will come to India to play the ODI World Cup or not. At present, this matter will be resolved only after the decision on organizing the Asia Cup.
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The big news that is coming out at this time is about the attitude of the ICC regarding the organization of the World Cup in India. The ODI World Cup is to be held in India next year between October-November. The ICC is seen in a quandary here and can take a big decision. If you have not understood till now, then tell that all this is a problem related to tax which has been going on for many years. If the BCCI could not settle the tax related issue with the Government of India, then the ICC may take away the hosting of the World Cup from India.

In the year 2016, ICC was successful in organizing the T20 World Cup in India because then they got interim tax benefits from the Government of India. It was allowed to keep 10.3 percent surcharge out of the benefits India got. Now to get this right, BCCI is constantly talking to the Government of India.

The BCCI has been clearly told by the ICC that it should talk about the tax exemption on the Government of India. The thing is that neither during the year 2016 itself, the Government of India agreed to give tax exemption nor is it showing any kind of interest till now.

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