Exclusive: Tuesday night was a lucky night, Saurabh’s dream was fulfilled by Dream11, won one crore


Saurabh Kumar of Bhojpur formed the team of Dream 11 by spending 49 rupees and won 1 crore rupees.
Saurabh will get 70 lakh rupees after deducting 30 lakh rupees tax in this 1 crore rupees reward.
Saurabh Kumar said that I will do my studies, father will decide about the use of these money.

Report: Alok Kumar Bharti

Bhojpur. Without picking up a cricket bat or ball, he spent only 49 rupees and won the entire 1 crore rupees. Yes, we are talking about Saurabh in Bhojpur district of Bihar. Saurabh is a resident of Thakuri of Charpokhari here. On Dream11, the players of India and Australia together with which Saurabh had formed the team, all played brilliantly and won them 1 crore rupees. Saurabh was making the team for the last two years. But this Tuesday night was auspicious for him and he became a millionaire.

On Tuesday late night, Saurabh won an amount of Rs 1 crore by forming a team on Dream11. Saurabh Kumar, a young man living in the rural environment of Thakuri village of Charpokhari block of the district, had been trying to win big for the last two years by forming a team on Dream11, but success was not in sight. Meanwhile, Saurabh’s team became the winner late on Tuesday night. On Tuesday, about 65 lakh players from all over the country were trying their luck by forming a team on Dream11.

65 lakh people had tried their luck

Sourav told News18 Local that on Tuesday, about 65 lakh people from all over the country were trying their luck by forming a team on Dream11 with him. In the match between Australia and India, Saurabh made his team of 11 players by mixing the players of both the teams. The captain of this team was Hardik Pandya, who played a brilliant innings of 71 off 30 balls. The Indian team did not get the benefit of Hardik Pandya’s innings, but Saurabh of Bhojpur definitely got a lot of benefit from it. Saurabh won the entire one crore rupees.

family didn’t know

Saurabh told that he had been making the team since the year 2000. He used to spend a modest 49-50 rupees in making the team. But they were not getting success. The interesting thing is that his family members were not aware of this exploit of Saurabh, who was engaged in forming the team for two years. When asked, he laughed and said that after winning one crore rupees, his family came to know about this. Although his laughter was telling that if the family members had come to know before winning, there would have been a tornado. In this way, he may have to listen to the whispers of the family members for blowing money. But now the family members are very happy after this victory.

Dad will decide how to use the money

Regarding the use of this money, Saurabh told that he will get 70 lakh rupees. In one crore rupees, the rest of the money was tax deducted. He said that his father will decide what to use this money for. After their degree, they will start preparing for BPSC. Saurabh Kumar said that his favorite player is MS Dhoni. He wishes to meet her. Saurabh appealed to the youth through News18 that you must play matches on Dream11 but at your own risk. But don’t become addicted to it.

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