Explainer: What is Dexa Scan test, will keep players fit and save them from injury


BCCI makes Dexa scan mandatory along with yo-yo test
Players will not get a place in the team without passing this test

new Delhi. BCCI took many major decisions in its review meeting held on 1 January. Along with shortlisting 20 players for the ODI World Cup to be held later this year, Yo-Yo test as well as Dexa scan (Dexa scan) to protect players from injury and improve their fitness. Scan) has been made mandatory. If the players fail in these tests then they will not get a place in the team.

Yo-yo test is not new to Team India. It started during the time of captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri before the 2019 World Cup. Players like Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Prithvi Shaw, Varun Chakravarthy, Sanju Samson and Mohammed Shami failed the Yo-Yo test at different times. This test affected the performance of the players, especially in terms of agility and speed. However, this test was stopped at the time of Kovid. During this, 2 km race (in less than 7.30 minutes) was made an option to check the fitness of the players. When the yo-yo test was closed, a score of 17 had to be cleared in it. In view of the injury of the players of Team India, the BCCI has again felt the need for this test.

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Now only yo-yo test will not work
Ramji Srinivasan, former conditioning coach of the Indian team, says that if seen professionally, a score of 18 is necessary for batters and 19 for fast bowlers in the yo-yo test. But, now relying only on yo-yo will not work. Talking to Indian Express, Ramji said, I had recommended the Dexa scan to BCCI and NCA in 2011. This test helps in understanding the level of fat, lean muscles, water content and bone density in the body. Some teams have been doing this test for 10 years. It should have become mandatory long back for Team India as well.

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Cricketers should have less than 10 percent fat
According to Ramji, the amount of fat in the body should be less than 10 percent. Footballers are between 5-8 per cent but, cricketers can increase it to 10. Having less body fat and stronger muscles not only increases strength and speed, but also prevents back and knee injuries. Now see, fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah was ruled out of the T20 World Cup because of a back injury. At the same time, Ravindra Jadeja was battling a knee injury.

Ramji says, in the last 2 T20 World Cups, Team India entered the field without its key players and its effect was also visible. Deepak Chahar and Washington Sundar also could not play in many matches last year due to injury. Since the ODI World Cup is to be held in India, the BCCI does not want to take any risk. It is necessary to have a fit team to win the World Cup, hence the return of the Dexa scan and Yo-Yo test.

This is how dexa scan happens
Dexa is a type of bone density test (BDT). X-ray technology is used in this process. Dexa is a safe, painless and rapid test. Its purpose is to measure the strength of bones. In this test, two types of beams are formed in which the energy of one beam is very high, whereas, the energy of the other beam is low. Both the beams pass inside the bones and do X-rays, which shows the thickness of the bones. This whole process is done through Dexa machine. This complete scan also tells the possibilities of any kind of fracture in the bone. Not only this, through this test, information about body fat percentage, weight and tissue is also available. This test of about 10 minutes will tell how physically fit a player is.

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