Facebook owner Meta planning lower bonus payouts assess employees twice a year report

Facebook’s parent company Meta recently laid off thousands of employees. Now the news of reducing the bonus of the employees is also coming from the firm. The company is also going to cut bonus pay. Not only this, the company has also talked about checking the performance of the employees twice a year. On the basis of which his bonus and stock award will also be decided.

meta (Meta), which facebook Ltd.’s parent company, has once again dealt a major blow to the employees. Meta has so far reduced more than 20 thousand employees from its workforce. After making a large number of layoffs, the company has now announced a reduction in the bonus of its employees. Reuters’s Report According to, the company is now going to reduce the bonus of the employees from 85 percent to 65 percent. Apart from this, the performance of the employees will also be assessed more than once in a year. Based on this assessment, the company will decide how much bonus will be given to the employee and how much stock award will be received.

On March 14, Meta hired 10 employees. lay off was announced. Along with this, the company which had announced earlier to recruit 5 thousand employees, had also canceled it. According to the report, Meta’s advertising product executive is going to resign from the company soon. The matter of his leaving the company has come to the fore in May. Dan Levy is currently the Vice President of Business Messaging at the company. In a post on Meta’s internal social network, he explained that he now wants to focus on his family.

According to Dan Levy, he has lost one of his children due to leukemia. In the post, he wrote that he was considering this decision for more than 2 years and now he has finally decided to resign from the company. Dan Levy is said to have worked at Meta for 14 years.

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