Fake Elon Musk duped Canadian woman of millions of dollars

A swindler in the name of Elon Musk, head of electric car maker Tesla, has cheated a Canadian woman of $7,50,000. Elizabeth Bakos, who became a victim of the fraud, told that all her savings and a huge amount of money borrowed are gone. Earlier this year, she was looking for investment opportunities on the internet when she came across a video of Elon Musk saying that shares could be bought for $250 each through a website.

Elizabeth said, “I thought that Elon Musk is offering his company’s stock for $ 250 and this is a good opportunity.” He then entered his phone number, email and other information on the website. He received a call from a person claiming that he could help him invest in the right way. a media Report According to the report, Elizabeth asked the man if it was Musk in the video to which he replied yes. The person took remote access to Elizabeth’s computer and withdrew a large sum of money several times. Elizabeth was told that her investments were growing. Some documents regarding this were also shown to him. However, later he came to know that he was cheated and none of his money was invested.

The scammers had withdrawn approximately $750,000 from their accounts since the beginning of this year until April. A tech expert told that it could be that in the video that Elizabeth had seen, a fraudster was trying to make people a victim by becoming Elon Musk.

A $258 billion dollar lawsuit has been filed against Musk for promoting a pyramid scheme of Dogecoin. of this matter the inspection Its being done. Musk’s tunnel construction company has also been made an accused in the case. Complainant Keith Johnson filed a lawsuit in June in a Manhattan court in the US. It has been told in the Reuters report that in this case it is being investigated that due to the support of Musk to this Mim Coin, what financial loss was caused to its investors.

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