FASTag Viral Video: Withdraw money by scanning the FASTag of the car from the smartwatch! the truth came out

A video related to Fastag is catching fast like fire on the internet. The discussion about this viral video is gaining momentum that by scanning Fastag from Smartwatch, money can be withdrawn from wallets like Paytm! The video itself is quite interesting as well. In the video, a child is seen cleaning the windshield of a vehicle stopped on the road.

In the video, two youths are seen sitting inside the car. While cleaning, the boy brings his smartwatch near the FASTag on the car and after stopping for a few moments starts running. Both the youths sitting in the car claimed that the window cleaning child scanned the FASTag and now money will be deducted from their Paytm account. This video is spreading fast on every social media platform. However, it has been said by Paytm regarding this viral video that it is only a rumour. There is no truth in the video and it is not possible to deduct money from Paytm account like this.

Seeing the video becoming increasingly viral, a statement has also been issued by FASTag NETC on Twitter which states, (translated in Hindi) “Please note, a baseless and false video is being circulated on social media. Let us understand the points made.No transaction can be done through open internet connectivity.

At the same time, Paytm also did not take time to clear the matter and put the truth of the video in front of everyone on Twitter. Paytm issued a statement on Twitter saying, “A video spreading misinformation about Paytm FASTag shows a smartwatch scanning FASTag. As per NETC guidelines, FASTag payments can be made only through authorized merchants.” May involve multiple rounds of testing. Paytm FASTag is completely secure.”

For your information, let us tell you that NPCI and NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) issues the tag of Fastag under 23 banks. It is a bar that has a prepaid system. It has to be recharged so that when the vehicle reaches the toll plaza, the money is automatically deducted from the FASTag and there is no need for human hands. Fastag system has been started to reduce the problem of jam etc. at toll and reduce human intervention.

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