Father…son…daughter…grandson have all played National, table tennis is in the DNA of this family of Churu

Report: Naresh Pareek
Hobby and passion is such a thing that at whatever age it takes place, it sacrifices and sacrifices everything to get it. However, here neither anyone has sacrificed nor sacrificed, but 64-year-old Nazir Khan plays table tennis with his seven-year-old grandson even at this stage of his age. That’s why it is being said that table tennis is in the DNA of this family of Churu.

In the family of 64-year-old retired Nazir Khan, today there are not one or two but six table tennis players who have played national and state level and more players are also being prepared in this family, for which the 7-year-old grandson of 64-year-old Nazir Khan Also sweating for table tennis today.

sports quota job
64 year old Nazir Khan has two boys and two girls. Nazir Khan tells that his younger son Kaleem Khan has played National 10 times and today he is working on the post of Deputy CTI in Railways through sports quota. And is part of the selection board in the Railway sports team. Nazir Khan tells that his elder son Sameer Khan has played state. One of his daughters has played Kausar Khan State. Apart from this, 15-year-old Dohiti Raunak, who is studying in his 9th standard, has played National twice, 12-year-old grandson Sejan has played National 3 times. And 7-year-old grandson Arsh is sweating it out for table tennis today. Khan tells that his dream is that now his grandson should play international.

Table tennis craze at the age of 22
64-year-old Nazir Khan says that he got addicted to table tennis at the age of 22 and when he was doing B.Ed in Sardar city, he also got addicted to table tennis when he saw his teachers playing table tennis. Khan said that he has played in the state tournament 10 times, his team has participated 15 times, in which the team has been the winner 10 times and the runner-up 5 times. have represented.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 24, 2023

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