Female Cyclist Allegations Against Coach rk sharma Sports Authority of India take action sai | Female Cyclist: Indian athlete accuses coach of harassment, SAI took this big decision in a hurry

Sexual Harassment Case: The Indian cycling team was currently preparing for the Asian Championship in Slovenia. Meanwhile, a big case has come to the fore. A female player accused her head coach of harassment. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has taken a big decision in this matter, SAI has called back all the athletes who have gone to Slovenia for investigation and questioning.

Serious allegations against this coach

A female member of the Indian cycling team recently accused the team’s sprint chief coach RK Sharma of harassment. This incident is said to have happened during a camp organized in Slovenia. The female cyclist has sent this complaint to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) through mail. SAI had already called her after the complaint of the female cyclist, but now five male athletes have also been called back.

team called back

Sports Authority of India (SAI) chairman Onkar Singh told news agency PTI, ‘SAI has decided to end the current tour midway. The SAI official told the CFI this morning that the entire team, including coach RK Sharma, would be immediately recalled from Slovenia. It is also learned that SAI had also sent a separate message to Coach Sharma to return at the earliest. Taking the matter seriously, two separate investigation panels have been formed to investigate it. One is formed by SAI and the other by CFI.

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