Fierce fire in Okinawa electric scooter showroom, many scooters including building burnt to ashes! watch video

Incidents of fire in electric vehicles are coming to the fore for the last several months. Many such incidents have also come to the fore in which the shops or showrooms of e-vehicles caught fire. Now another such incident has happened in Okinawa where the showroom of the company caught fire. This incident has come to light in Nagori, Mangaluru, where a fire broke out inside the Okinawa Dealership and the entire showroom was gutted. It is a matter of honor that no person lost his life in this but the showroom was completely burnt.

This is the second case of fire in a showroom in Okinawa. Earlier, there was a fire in the company’s showroom in Tamil Nadu. At the time of that incident, the reason for the fire was told to be a short circuit. The cause of the fire at Mangaluru showroom in Okinawa is yet to be ascertained. A video of the fire in the showroom is also going viral on social media, in which the showroom is burning in flames. A huge plume of smoke can be seen billowing from the showroom building. Seeing this, it is known that the form of the fire was quite dreadful.

The company also commented on the fire that broke out at the Okinawa Electric Vehicle showroom. The company issued a statement saying that they have received information about the incident of fire in the showroom of the company. According to the company, when asked by the dealer, they told the cause of the fire to be a short circuit. The company said that it is in touch with the dealership and the incident is being investigated. Okinawa said that safety is the foremost priority of the company which ensures that safety is taken care of at all the dealerships that the company has across the country.

Incidents of EVs catching fire have been coming to the fore in the past as well. Since the beginning of 2022, incidents of fire in electric vehicles of many companies have come to the fore. These include Ola Electric, Pure EV, Okinawa, Boom Motors to name a few which have had incidents of fire in the past. After these incidents, the government took this issue seriously and also formed a committee to find out the reason behind the incidents of EV fire. It was revealed in the report of the committee that imported batteries heat up quickly in Indian weather, the batteries here cannot tolerate the heat due to which they explode and catch fire.

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