FIFA World Cup 2022: ‘Alcohol’ will not be available in FIFA World Cup stadium, know what are the rules

Fifa World Cup 2022: Just before the start of the FIFA World Cup, the fans have got a big shock. Now the sale of ‘alcohol’ beer was banned in eight stadiums of the World Cup on Friday.

Fifa World Cup 2022: The first organizer of the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar’s capital Doha has said that the sale of all types of beer along with alcohol will be banned in the eight stadiums used for the football tournament. Wine ) will be engaged. This decision was taken two days before the start of the FIFA tournament. The ‘alcohol’ free beer will be sold in 64 matches to be held in the country. FIFA issued a statement giving this information.

FIFA World Cup 2022: ‘Alcohol’ will not be available

FIFA and the host country took the decision
“Following discussions between host country officials and FIFA, removing the sale of beer from the perimeter of stadiums, FIFA will focus on the sale of ‘alcoholic’ beverages at ‘fan festivals’, other fan venues and licensed venues,” FIFA said. It was decided to give. Champagne, wine, whiskey and other ‘alcohol’ will be served in the ‘luxury hospitality areas’ of the stadium. Outside these venues, beer will be the only ‘alcohol’ sold to regular ticket holders.

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Know what is the rule
Rules regarding alcohol- Rules have also been made regarding alcohol in the Qatar match. Liquor will be served here in licensed restaurants and many hotels across the country, but there will be a ban on tourists drinking alcohol outside the fan zone. If someone breaks these laws, then he will have to pay a fine of about 67 thousand rupees. There will also be a ban on smoking e-cigarettes.

Dress code will also have to be taken care of
Women coming to Qatar especially have to take care of their dress. Women have been asked to wear a dress that covers their shoulders and knees. Instructions have also been given to wear long skirts or trousers in public places. Men are also prohibited from wearing torn jeans. Along with this, there will be a ban on wearing dresses with objectionable slogans.

Got exemption in vaccination
Kovid-19 vaccination is not mandatory to go to Qatar, but anyone aged six or above will have to show a negative RT PCR report of Kovid-19 at the airport before leaving for Qatar. This report of RT PCR test should not be 48 hours ago. If someone has got antigen test done then it should not be older than 24 hours.

No entry without hayya card
It is mandatory for fans coming to Qatar to have a Hayya card. Hayya Card is a kind of ID card through which people can travel anywhere in Qatar. Those who have this card will be able to travel in metro and buses for free. With this card, there will be no need for a visa to enter Qatar. Hayya card holders can stay in Qatar till January 23. This card is made in 3-4 days.

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