Fire broke out in the showroom due to Ather electric scooter, the company issued a statement

A fire incident took place in the showroom of Ather Energy last Saturday, behind which the electric scooter was said to be the reason. No one was hurt in the accident, but the showroom was badly damaged. The incident took place at Ather Energy’s Nungambakkam Experience Centre. All the employees were safely evacuated from the showroom as soon as the fire broke out. Now, Ather Energy has released an official letter, revealing the real reason behind the incident. The company has confirmed that the accident happened due to fire in the electric scooter and also told what was the fault in the electric scooter.

An official letter issued by Ather Energy states that the incident occurred due to the electric scooter brought to the showroom for servicing. The company says that the electric scooter was full of dust and mud, due to which the staff at the service center carried out a high-pressure water wash to clean the scooter before the service. The service team found some cracks in the top casing of the battery pack, but by then the water had seeped into the battery casing due to the high pressure wash. The company says that water caused a short circuit inside the shell, which led to smoke and then a fire.

Rushlane’s accordingEarlier last week, a report was released that blamed cheap parts that did not meet quality standards for fires in electric scooters. The investigation was carried out by the CFEES of the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) and the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Due to incidents of electric scooters catching fire, notices were sent to several manufacturers. An explanation has been sought from Boom Motors, Pure EV, Ola Electric, Okinawa Autotech, and Jitendra EV.

For some time now, there has been a spurt in the incidents of fire in electric scooters. Last Wednesday, in Hero Electric’s Photon electric scooter fire breaksA video of which is being shared on social media. In this, the rear part of the scooter is completely burnt and destroyed. In this incident, a statement has also been issued by Hero Electric, in which the company says that the cause of the fire is a short circuit in the socket.

Earlier, incidents of fire in electric scooters of brands like Ola Electric, Pure EV, Okinawa, Jitendra EV have also come to the fore, for which government investigation is also going on.

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