First cricket….now Hockey World Cup, for the fourth time in 4 years New Zealand broke their hopes; gave unforgettable pain


Hockey World Cup: New Zealand knocks India out in cross over match
The series started with the 2019 Cricket World Cup continued in hockey as well.

India vs New Zealand: The years and the game have changed though. But New Zealand’s series of giving pain to India in big tournaments and championships did not change. First in cricket and now in the Hockey World Cup, New Zealand dashed India’s hopes and gave an unforgettable pain. New Zealand defeated India 5-4 in the penalty shootout in the cross-over round of the Men’s Hockey World Cup being held in India a day earlier. With this, the host India was out of the tournament even before reaching the quarter-finals.

This is not the first time that New Zealand has given a blow to India’s hopes in the World Cup or any other major tournament. Earlier, New Zealand has done this on several occasions. Hardly anyone will forget the 2019 ODI World Cup. In the semi-finals of that tournament held in England, New Zealand defeated India and broke their hopes of winning the title.

New Zealand gave pain 2 times in 2021
After 2 years, once again New Zealand came in the way of India in the cricket field and defeated India in the final of the World Test Championship played for the first time. In this match played in Southampton, New Zealand defeated India by 8 wickets. In the final, India had given a target of 139 runs to New Zealand, which was achieved by the Kiwi team by losing just 2 wickets. In this way, New Zealand became the champion of the World Test Championship for the first time and India’s victorious campaign in the big tournament was stopped once again by the Kiwi team.

4 overs, 5 runs and 4 wickets… A fiery performance in the World Cup… The 16-year-old spinner will be blessed with IPL!

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New Zealand broke India’s hopes in the Hockey World Cup
This year T20 World Cup was played in UAE. In this tournament, India lost to Pakistan in its first match and New Zealand in the second. Two consecutive defeats fell heavily on India and despite winning the remaining matches, Team India’s journey could not progress beyond the Super-12 round and once again in the big tournament, New Zealand gave India an unforgettable pain. This trend continued in the Hockey World Cup in 2023 as well.

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