Foam used to come out of the mouth of SRH bowler, mother was shocked, sister had to monitor and then…


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New Delhi. This season of IPL is very important for Sunrisers Hyderabad fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who is running out of Team India, has also been ‘out’ by the BCCI from the annual contract list of players. In such a situation, only strong performance in IPL can make Bhuvneshwar Kumar return to the team. However, cricket was not Bhuvi’s first choice. He wanted to try his hand in some other field.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar told in an interview that father was in the police. Uncle and other relatives were also in the army or police. As a child, I also used to think about joining the army. However, once connected with cricket, the attachment to this game kept on increasing. According to Bhuvneshwar, I was in class seven or eight, since then there was insistence that I have to go to the stadium and practice. But it was not easy. At that time there was also reading. The family members would have allowed him to play, but there was no freedom to leave studies and play cricket.

Bhuvi told, had to leave for the stadium after having food between two to two and a half hours a day. Had to practice from three to seven o’clock. He would get so tired that he would fall asleep in the cricket kit as soon as he reached home. Mother would get upset if I went to sleep without eating food. He made sister duty not to let me sleep without eating food. Bhuvneshwar said, when you sleep in a deep sleep, foam comes out of your mouth. Mother used to wipe it. I can never forget those days.

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‘Family members were wasting their time’
Bhuvneshwar Kumar said, there came a time when the family members felt that I was wasting my time. Actually, the family members felt that it was more important to study than to play. You will get opportunities ahead only after studies. Later, when I got selected in Under-15, the attitude of the family members changed. According to Bhuvi, it had been four to five years since I played Ranji. Of these, only one year went well. The family members were worried that if he does not play India, what will happen to him? He was just waiting for the moment when his son played for India.

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Sunrisers pace attack important link
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is an important link in the pace attack of Sunrisers Hyderabad. He has been associated with the team since 2018. For IPL 2023, Hyderabad retained Bhuvi for 4.20 crores. In the last season of the league, Bhuvneshwar took 12 wickets in 14 matches.

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