Gambhir broke his silence, told how is his relationship with Dhoni and Kohli, also kept his views on 1983 World Cup


Gautam Gambhir broke the silence
Told how is his relationship with Dhoni and Kohli

New Delhi. Who does not know about Gautam Gambhir, the former opener of the Indian team. He has single-handedly won the Indian team many matches. The former veteran player recently had a special conversation with Network 18. During this, he kept his views on many issues in a fearless manner. When Gambhir was recently discussed about the clash with Kohli during the IPL, he also openly discussed it.

Speaking on the issue, Gambhir said, ‘Naveen-ul-Haq was right at his place. That’s why I supported him. It is not only about Naveen here, whoever is right, I will support him till death.

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Taking his point further, the former cricketer said, ‘Often people keep asking me how is your relationship with Kohli and Dhoni? This is what I say that I have the same relationship with both.

He told, ‘If there is an argument between us, it remains only till the ground. This is not a personal difference of ours. He also wants to win in the field and so do I. Gambhir told that, ‘I respect Kohli a lot. Regarding whatever he has done for the country so far.

Apart from this, he also talked about the 1983 World Cup. He said, ‘ Mohinder Amarnath ji became the ‘man of the match’ in the final and semi-final matches. But at present we always keep talking about Kapil Dev only. The reason is that we have seen only Kapil Dev with the trophy.

During this, Gambhir also vented his anger on the Indian media and broadcasters. Gambhir believes that he makes a player a star. This is the biggest problem of the Indian team.

Talking about Gambhir’s cricket career, he has played a total of 242 international matches for the country. Meanwhile, 10324 runs have come out of his bat in 283 innings. Gambhir has 4154 runs in Tests, 5238 runs in ODIs and 932 runs in T20 cricket.

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