Ganguly was forced to do the ad ‘Bhule to nahin hai apne dada ko’? Know the whole matter


Ganguly was forced to do the ad ‘Bhule to nahin hai apne dada ko’?
Sourav Ganguly was running out of Team India in the year 2006

New Delhi. Everyone will remember that ad of Sourav Ganguly, ‘Have you forgotten your grandfather’? But the situation in which this ad was made, perhaps few people know. In the year 2006, Dada was walking out of Team India. The reason for this was none other than the person whom Dada himself had brought into the team. This thing is well known, but do you know about the ad that prepared the way for Dada’s return, which was done by blackmailing him.

Yes, it was an ad of a soft drink company, whose opening line was, ‘Bhule toh nahin hai apne dada ko’? This was the time when this company was also in trouble and Dada was also in trouble. To overcome their difficulties, the company’s think tank thought of making this ad. When Ganguly was told this ad, he initially refused completely, but then he was reminded that his contract with the company was till 2007.

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In such a situation, as long as the content of the ad did not tarnish the image of Ganguly, he could not refuse to do it. If he had backed down, the company had the right to take the legal route. Ganguly, who is running out of the Indian team, thought it better to do the ad than to buy another trouble and finally said yes despite not wanting to.

As soon as it came in the ad market, it became popular and people’s sentiments towards Ganguly also started getting attached. Cricket enthusiasts started talking about Dada here and there. Eventually, Dada got a place in the team again and as soon as he entered the field, he created a ruckus. After this, those who had shown him the way out of the team also started becoming victims of criticism.

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