Gary Sobers Most Gifted All Rounder Of All Time scored 3 consecutive centuries by touching Sunil Gavaskar uncommon story


Sunil Gavaskar made many big records for Team India.
He got many lives on the first West Indies Test tour.

New Delhi. Cricket is such a game where every player works hard for his country. But despite playing brilliant innings many times, he is not able to win the team. At the same time, there are many players who are unable to perform despite having talent. There is a hand of luck behind all these, luck is also needed along with talent in the game of cricket. Today we are going to tell you such a story, the good fortune of the former Indian legend overshadowed him.

We are talking about Sunil Gavaskar, who made more than one record for Team India. There was a time when he was getting huge contributions due to good luck. Sunil Gavaskar has disclosed this thing only. But the advantage of his good fortune was taken by the player of the opposing team. According to Gavaskar, when he was on his first Test tour of the West Indies, he missed some easy catches. A catch was also sprung at the hands of former West Indies captain Gary Sobers. After which Gavaskar’s luck became the subject of discussion. At the same time, due to Gavaskar’s good luck, Sobers used to touch him and get down to bat.

Gavaskar scored three centuries by touching

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The surprising thing is that Gary Sobers had played three century innings one after the other by touching Gavaskar. After which Ajit Wadrekar, who was the captain of Team India, once locked Gavaskar in the toilet. In the same match, Sobers returned to the pavilion at zero. In the same way Gavaskar’s luck factor had overshadowed him.

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