Gautam Gambhir pokes Harbhajan Singh on twitter as he is AAP Rajya Sabha MP AAPse toh purani dosti hai aur rahegi

Former Indian team opener Gautam Gambhir and former spinner Harbhajan Singh had a meeting recently and after this Gautam Gambhir made a funny and taunting tweet about Harbhajan Singh. Gambhir has tried to tease Harbhajan by saying that he is a member of AAP i.e. Aam Aadmi Party. Gambhir made a tweet after this meeting, in which he mentioned AAP.

Actually, Gautam Gambhir is a BJP MP, while Harbhajan Singh has been sent to Parliament by the Aam Aadmi Party as a Rajya Sabha MP. In this way, Bhajji and Gauti, who played together for the Indian team, are now opposites of each other, but from the point of view of cricket, they are still good friends of each other. For this reason, while tweeting his photo, Gambhir wrote, “AAPse toh old friendship is and will remain”.

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At the same time, fans also started having fun on this tweet of Gambhir. A user named Harsh wrote, “But these AAPke friends have gone down the wrong path.” Another user wrote that what is this friendship of Sanghis and Apis? At the same time, another user called him Anti Dhoni and wrote, “Anti Dhoni reunion” Another user wrote, “Let us fight amongst ourselves and enjoy ourselves.”

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