Gautam Gambhir Recalls When Wife Natasha Turned Down 2011 WC Final Tickets Ask Why is the Whole Country Celebrating

New Delhi. Cricket is the most watched and loved game in India, but there are many people who do not know deeply about the technique and other things of this game. The wives and girlfriends of many cricketers also do not know much about this game. Many cricketers have also shared many funny stories related to their wives and girlfriends in interviews. One such funny anecdote was also shared by Gautam Gambhir, the hero of the 2011 ODI World Cup.

Gautam Gambhir narrated a funny anecdote related to his then girlfriend and now wife Natasha in Jatin Sapru’s YouTube show ‘Over and Out’. Gambhir had told that Natasha did not come to watch the match despite having a free ticket for the 2011 World Cup final. When Gambhir told Natasha about the ticket, she declined the offer and asked him if it was so important. It is only a cricket match.

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Gautam Gambhir shared that when the ‘Men in Blue’ reached Mumbai after winning the Mohali match against Pakistan, he had asked Natasha if she wanted to be in the final. To this Natasha had replied that let me think. After this he called and asked me, “Is it so important? This is only a match of cricket. Natasha had said that who will travel till Mumbai. My sister and brother will come.”

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Gautam Gambhir further said, “So his sister and brother came and then after we won… then he realized when the whole country was celebrating. He asked, “Why is the whole country celebrating? And I said that we have won the World Cup after almost 20 years. If you ask him about it now, he is ashamed to have rejected that offer. While his brothers and sisters were there.”

Gautam Gambhir played a brilliant inning of 97 runs in the final match against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede Stadium. Gautam Gambhir had an important role in winning the ODI World Cup after 28 years. Everyone knows that Gautam Gambhir had also stopped his marriage for this tournament. He married Natasha on the condition that he would be able to take seven rounds only after the World Cup. Gautam Gambhir and Natasha tied the knot on 28 October 2011 after winning the World Cup.

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