Germany Wants to Welcome Indian IT Workers to Ease Visa Process

Germany also wants to take advantage of this expertise of India, which has a major stake in the IT sector worldwide. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that his government wants to make it easier for Indian information technology experts to get work visas in Germany.

a media Report According to , Olaf said during an event in Bengaluru, “We want to simplify the issuance of visas. Our aim is to modernize the legal system as well as the entire bureaucratic process.” He told that there is a plan to make it easier for skilled workers needed in Germany to come to Germany with their families. Olaf was accompanied by senior officials and a business delegation on a two-day visit to India last week. Olaf said that Germany would need many skilled workers to meet the demand for software development.

Olaf pointed out that it may be possible for people to come to Germany without a job offer. He said that relaxing language requirements would help Germany attract professionals who might prefer to move to English-speaking countries. Along with this he said. “It is clear that someone coming to Germany as an IT specialist can easily communicate with their co-workers as many people in Germany can speak English. German can be learned later.”

Praising India’s progress, Olaf said that it is very good for the relations between the two countries. He said in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi that in India IT The development is picking up pace. Olaf said, “We need talent, we need skilled workers. IT and software development is on the rise in India and there are many capable companies in the country. India has a lot of talent and in Germany we can find this talent.” want to recruit.” He informed that around 1,800 German companies are present in India and they have provided thousands of jobs.

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