Girl born with shark teeth! Surgery done after 19 years gave beautiful smile

Teeth are such a part of the body that are not only used for chewing food, but they are also involved in our smile and laughter. A bright smile is not complete without healthy teeth. But, how does it feel if these teeth become the reason for someone to laugh at us! Mihaly Olivia Grace Schlegel was born with a dental problem that made life difficult for her.

news times uk Report Born in Oklahoma, USA, Mihali’s teeth were transparent since birth. That is, where other humans’ teeth are whiter than milk, Mihali’s teeth were such that one could see through them. Their shape was also strange and they were called as shark teeth. Apart from people making fun of him, his teeth made it difficult for him to eat food. Mihali could not even eat properly.

According to Mihaly, she was born with transparent teeth. When she turned 19, she felt the need for a false jaw. Because her birth teeth were very weak and she could not even eat properly. In the language of science, it is called brittle bone disease. Along with this, many other diseases related to teeth also come. Mihaly said that when his teeth started coming out, they were very delicate and very transparent. Not only this, due to this disease related to his bones, 117 bones in his body were fractured.

As she was growing up, she felt that the teeth would become stronger, but it did not happen. With time his teeth became more and more weak. His problem increased and he started facing difficulties in eating food. At the age of 15, she could not even eat soft things like bread. His face looked very ugly even when he was smiling. People started calling him Shark Tooth.

Mihaly struggled with her illness, trying to live with the problem, but it was not easy. Because of the ugliness of the teeth, he had given up even smiling. He used to have a lot of pain while eating food. At the age of 13, it occurred to him that he should get a false jaw. But, the doctors were afraid to break his congenital jaw due to his illness as he had already undergone 36 surgeries due to Britton Bone Disease. Many rods had been inserted in the body.

On 8 December 2021, Mihaly underwent a dental surgery at the age of 19. New teeth were fitted in his jaw. When she smiled for the first time after this surgery, tears welled up in her eyes because she had smiled after a long time. The surgery cost $9,500 (roughly Rs. 7.5 lakhs). Mihaly could now smile freely. His happiness knew no bounds. However, he still has to go through many procedures. But now she can eat comfortably, can smile. She can now call her smile beautiful.

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