Google accused of promoting fake websites! Know the whole matter

Online fraud is no longer a new thing for anyone in the present digital age. In the coming days, complaints of people are received regarding online fraud, fake websites and account hack. Now a person has accused Google itself of promoting fake websites. The person says that he googled the online website to place an order. But instead of showing the official website, the search engine showed the fake website in the top result. Let us tell you what the whole matter is after all!

Google Has been accused of promoting fake websites online. This allegation has been made by a person named Cory Doctorow. Actually Corey has also shared a post on his Twitter handle. In this post, he has revealed a shocking thing. Corey says he wanted to order food from a Thai food delivery company. when he named the company google search If done, instead of showing the official website, the search engine showed the fake website in the top result. You can also see this post-

Corey Doctrove says he wanted to order food from But it turned out to be a fake website which was shown by Google at the top of the search result. And next to it was written ‘Official Website’. While the official website of the company from which he wanted to order food was Not only this, when Corey gathered more information regarding this, it was found that the scammers have also created fraudulent Amex merchant accounts and are running them in place of real accounts. From these accounts, he is also charging money from those customers who are ordering from his fake websites.

This information is quite shocking. If this is the case, then customers need to be very careful while shopping online. Corey has also accused Google. They say that Google is promoting such fake websites by showing their advertisements. This is not only causing loss of money to the customers, but also damaging the image of the real business. He said that it is quite shocking that the name of fake websites is coming in the top results of Google, and scammers can easily search on google They are also able to tamper with the result.

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