Google Analytics accused of playing with data protection in Europe

Google Analytics, the service that provides web analytics to the world’s most visited websites, is facing difficulties in Europe. After Austria and France, now Italy has also called this service a violation of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU). Because of this, Google Analytics has been banned in Italy. It will not be able to track users visiting Italian websites.

The Italian Supervisory Authority has banned this service. This means that Google’s Service Violates data protection law as it transfers users’ data to the US, which does not have an adequate level of data protection. The Italian Supervisory Authority has asked all websites in Italy to remove Google Analytics. A time limit of 90 days has been given for this. Earlier in February, a French regulator had said that there is a risk of Google Analytics passing data of users of French websites to the US Intelligence Services. All French websites were also ordered to comply with EU regulation.

Austria’s data protection authority also said earlier this year that Google Analytics was in violation of the GDPR law. About two years ago, the Court of Justice of the EU, in a major ruling, banned companies in EU countries from transferring their data to the US using a framework called the Privacy Shield. Google No statement has been given in this matter. However, the company has discontinued its Universal Analytics service that collects large amounts of data for web analytics. Instead, the company launched the Google Analytics 4 service to comply with privacy laws and use anonymized data.

However, the EU has expressed apprehensions about this service as well. The Italian authority said in its decision, “An IP address is personal data and cannot be changed.” Local analytics service providers in Europe will get a chance to grow their business after the restrictions imposed by European companies.

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