Google Bard Now Available in 180 Countries ChatGPT Rival Gets New Features Dark Theme PaLM 2 Integration and More

At Google I/O 2023, the search engine giant introduced its new smartphone device and also made several announcements regarding its artificial intelligence chatbot Bard. The company told in the event that the rival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT backed by Microsoft has now become better and smarter than before. Apart from this, the company has also extended its availability to many other countries across the globe. Below we are giving you the new features added to Bard and all the latest information related to it.

Google Bard now reaches a total of 180 defects

Google revealed at I/O that the Bard AI chatbot is now being made available in 179 more countries. Bard was done in March this year. Initially, the company had opened its preview for a limited number of people, but now the waitlist is being removed. Google initially opened access to Bard in the US and UK. However, the AI ​​chatbot is still in beta phase.

The company says that Bard will be made accessible to more people in the coming times as Bard improves and new features are introduced. The company is currently taking feedback from users who test Bard, so that it can be further improved till the final release. Google says that the company is also working on supporting 40 languages ​​soon.

Many features added to Bard

Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke at the event about PaLM 2, a more powerful language model (LLM). It now gives AI chatbots coding capabilities with advanced maths and reasoning.

In addition, the company revealed that soon Bard will become more visual in both its responses and prompts, which means it will show you pictures or locations or links, etc., along with text content when you ask.

As we mentioned above, with the addition of PaLM 2, Bard will now be smarter and better at coding. The company says it is adding some major coding upgrades for developers. The code will now give more accurate results. An export button is being added to it, through which it will be easier to share the code with a partner.

Dark themes have also been added to Bard. Apart from this, Google Lens can also be used in this. It will be able to generate captions on its own based on the photos.

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