Google Bard vs ChatGPT Google IO Event 2023 AI in Google Search How different

Google IO Event 2023: Everyone’s eyes in the annual I / O event of tech giant ‘Google’ gadgets But artificial intelligence (AI) was also a major theme for the company. Google has made its intentions clear that AI will be supported in all its products in the coming days. For example, people use ‘google search’ to get any information. It is going to be advanced now. After some time you will also get answers given by AI in ‘Google Search’. This is called Search Generative Experience (SGE). Although Google also has ‘google BARD’. It is a chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The job of both is to answer people’s questions. Let us know how the new ‘Google Search’ will be different from ‘Google Bard’ and ChatGPT.

When to do google search and when to take help of bard

Reuters’s Report According to, the company says that ‘Google search’ should be used for any information such as shopping related information. Whereas, Bard or ChatGPT are chatbots that can interact in a human way. Bard should be used for creative collaboration, such as generating some software code or needing help writing a caption for a photo.

Difference will be seen in search results

According to the report, after the introduction of Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google’s home page will look the same as before. The main difference will be visible in the answers. When AI is used in Google Search, the AI-generated response will appear at the top of the results page. Traditional links to websites will come after that. As per the report, if a user is looking for weather information, then in the search, he will see the weather forecast for 8 days. Wherein, searching what outfit to wear in California? The answer given by AI to the user will be visible first.

‘Conversational Mode’ will also start

In addition, users will now be able to enable ‘Conversational Mode’ as well. It is similar to Bard and ChatGPT and remembers users’ past questions so that users can easily ask further questions. Google says that it has not made ‘Conversational Mode’ like a chatbot. The purpose of the mod is only to improve search results.

When will the new ‘Google Search’ come?

The new Google search hasn’t arrived yet. It will be launched in a limited way in the coming weeks. During this, Google will also monitor the new ‘search’. At the same time, Google Bard is available in 180 countries of the world and everyone can use it. The company is preparing to expand Google Bard in about 40 languages.

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