Google Chief Sundar Pichai Gets USD 226 Million Compensation Last Year

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet, which runs internet search engine Google, received a total salary package of around $226 million (around Rs 1,850 crore) last year. This is more than 800 times the average salary of the company’s employees.

The company has a filing It has been reported that Pichai’s compensation included stock awards of about $219 million (about Rs 1,800 crore). In the past few months, Alphabet has made layoffs in its offices around the world. The company had informed about 12,000 workers being fired earlier this year. This is about 6 percent of its total workforce. Many workers are angry due to layoffs by the company. Earlier this month, hundreds of workers walked out of Alphabet’s London office after a dispute over layoffs. In March, after the lay-off of more than 200 workers from the company’s Zurich office, workers protested in a similar manner.

Many companies in the tech sector have taken steps like layoffs in the last few months to reduce their expenses due to falling profits. These include microblogging site Twitter and software company Microsoft. The business of tech companies grew rapidly during the pandemic and its impact was also seen on their valuations. Since then, the valuations of these companies have come down significantly due to inflation and increase in interest rates.

in India Google has been accused of violating the order of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and charging commission ranging from 11-26 percent from app developers who opt for alternative billing system. Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) has requested the authorities including CCI to look into the matter and ensure that Google fully complies with the order. About 97 percent of the 600 million smartphones in the country run on Android. In October last year, the CCI had imposed a fine of about $161 million on Alphabet, the American company that runs Google, for misusing its dominant position in the Android market. The CCI also asked the company to change the way it markets its Android system in the country.

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