Google Doodle 9 june celebrate willi ninja or William Roscoe Leake famous LGBTQ dancer know all details

Google has dedicated today’s Doodle to Willi Ninja. Willie Ninja is best known as a celebrated dancer and choreographer who paved the way for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, abbreviated LGBTQ+ community. In particular, he is remembered for raising his voice for LGBTQ+ Black and Latino. Willie is known as the Godfather of Voguing, which is a dance form.

In modern society, apart from women-men, women-women and men-men relationships have started getting recognition to some extent. Along with the changing times, the rights of the transgender community are also being given importance. But, Wiley worked for these people at a time when such ideology was considered a major crime in society, even punishing it severely in some countries. Wiley did community work like this in the 1980s and ’90s.

Google has Doodle I have a video today share Composed by Rob Gilliam, edited by Xander Opiyo, and music by Vivacious. The dance performers featured are current members of The Iconic House of Ninja. Willie Ninja created The Iconic House of Ninja community that represents LGBTQ+ Black people. On this day in 1990, a documentary called Paris is Burning was screened at the NewFest New York LGBT Film Festival in the US. Which featured Willi and the iconic House of Ninja.


Google has dedicated today’s Doodle to Willi Ninja.

willy ninja Was born in 1961, on April 12th. his mother gave him his LGBTQ Supported identity associated with. It was she who inspired Willie to pursue his interest in dance. It is said that his mother did not have enough money to get Willie expensive dance classes, but she herself helped him learn the dance steps, due to which he became a great dancer.

Willie then mastered the Art of Voguing. It is a dance style that blends complex martial arts with fashion poses. House of Ninja was created by Wiley in 1982. Even after becoming famous, he continued to support the members of the house. After gaining fame, Willie also started working in films and music videos. Even celebrities like Madonna and Jean-Paul Gaultier followed his dance steps.

Willie is counted among the few celebrities who first started talking about HIV/AIDS, making people aware and working for its prevention. Such diseases were seen as a stigma in the society, for which Wiley campaigned to make people aware. That’s why Google thanks Wiley for his contribution to dance, and to the recognition and support of the Black and Latino LGBTQ+ community globally.

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