Google Doodle celebrate 77th birthday kitty oneil the fastest woman alive know all details here

Google has remembered Kitty O’Neil today through Doodle. Today is his 77th birthday. Kitty has the title of the world’s fastest woman, that is, the world’s fastest woman. Today’s Google Doodle by guest artist Meeya Tjiang is dedicated to Kitty O’Neil. Kitty O’Neil is known as America’s stunt performer. She also became famous for driving the fastest vehicle powered by rocket fuel. Let us introduce you to some more interesting facts about Kitty.

Kitty O’Neil was born on this day i.e. March 24 in 1946 in America. as googleWithin the first few months of his birth, he was surrounded by many diseases and he had a very high fever. Meanwhile, he lost his hearing power and Kitty became deaf. But even after facing a big blow at such a young age, he did not give up on life.

56ubc7coKitty learned a variety of communication mediums. She finally chose the method of lip reading and speaking and moved forward in life. Later, he discovered the craze for driving within himself. But here too he was fortunately injured and his wrist injury dealt him another blow. Despite this, he did not give up on his dream. O’Neill continued to dabble in high speed sports, participating in water skiing and motorcycle racing.

In the 70s, she started doing stunts for films and TV serials. He did many such stunts for The Bionic Woman (1976), Wonder Woman (1977–1979) and The Blues Brothers (1980). She became the first woman to join Stunts Unlimited. Stunts Unlimited is an organization of Hollywood’s top stunt performers, with Kitty O’Neill as the first woman to join.

Kitty O’Neill was awarded the title of ‘Fastest Woman Alive’ in 1976. He also drove the Motivator, a rocket powered superfast car and set a record in it. Now it seemed that she could break men’s records as well. But it is said that her sponsors did not allow Kitty to do this. Kitty also fought a legal battle for this but she did not get success here. After that in 1979, a biopic based on Kitty’s life Silent Victory: The Kitty O’Neil Story was also released. Google has doodle Thank you Kitty for inspiring all the women in the world through this.

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