Google Doodle celebrate 80th birthday of doctor Mario Molina who saved ozone layer know more about him

Google has dedicated today’s Doodle to Dr. Mario Molina. Mario Molina was a famous chemist from Mexico. His contribution is believed to be in saving the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. For this, he persuaded the government to take steps in this direction. Regarding ozone, he researched what are the chemicals that are harming this layer. Doctor Mario was also awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Let us have a look at other important facts about his life.

google doodle Today is celebrating the 80th birthday of Dr. Mario Molina. As mentioned earlier, Mario Molina devoted much of his life to saving the ozone. he told the government ozone Persuaded him to save the planet and discovered the chemicals that were destroying the ozone. Ozone is considered to be the layer that prevents the sun’s ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth. These rays can harm humans and other living beings.

Dr. Moria Molina was born on March 19, 1943 in Mexico. according to googleSince childhood, he was so much interested in science that he had made his bathroom a small laboratory. He used to keep a small toy microscope with him and used to watch small creatures in it. He received his chemical engineering degree from the Autonomous National University of Mexico. Then he obtained its advanced degree from Germany. After that he went to America and did research at California University.

In the 1970s, Moria Molina began researching the Earth’s atmosphere and how synthetic chemicals damage it. He was one of the first to discover chlorofluorocarbons. This carbon is found in ACs, sprays and many other equipments that are used in our everyday life. It is said that destroy ozone does. Mario and his colleagues also published this research in the journal Nature. He also received the Nobel Prize for this.

His discovery laid the foundation of the Montreal Protocol. It was an international agreement under which the production of more than 100 ozone-destroying chemicals was stopped. According to Google, his discovery has helped in saving the ozone and in the next few decades the ozone will be completely recovered.

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