Google Doodle celebrate Mother’s Day 2023 today 14 may with animal family throwback photos details

Mother’s Day 2023: Google Doodle is celebrating Mother’s Day today. It is said that whatever be the creature of the world, mother’s love has a different importance for everyone, in place of which perhaps no other relationship can take it. Google has dedicated today’s Doodle to this love of mother. If you think deeply, the form of mother is seen to be present everywhere in nature. Whether it is in the form of mother earth, in the form of nature, or in the form of birth mother. Google has also included all these aspects in today’s doodle.

Google Has tried to show mother-child relationship by drawing pictures of many types of creatures. It is shown in these that mother is present in every species, be it elephant, snake, or bird etc. These pictures of Animal Family have been made in a very beautiful and cute way. Animation has also been used in these. Google has also engraved expressions on the faces of these animals which can be read very easily.

google every year mother’s day Celebrates It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This time it is being celebrated on 14 May. These animal throwback photos were created by Doodler Celine You. Before giving animation, these are said to be made of clay in the form of idols. Whose photo has also been shared by Google in the blog.


Photo Credit: Google


Photo Credit: Google

Mother’s Day AmericaIt is also celebrated as a holiday in many countries including Canada, Australia. Today, this day is dedicated to all those mothers who leave no stone unturned to care for and nurture their children. The impression of the mother remains in the life of the child.

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