Google executive claims he was fired for turning down friendship offer from female boss

A former executive at global tech giant Google has claimed that he was ousted from the company after allegedly turning down an offer of friendship from a female boss. Google, facing difficulties due to the slowdown, recently decided to lay off thousands of workers.

Ryan Olohan, a former worker of the company, in November last year Legal Matters was filed. In it, he alleges that Tiffany Miller, a director of pragmatic media at Google, had complimented him and said she knew Olohan had a penchant for Asian women. Olohan, who worked at Google for 16 years, has alleged that Tiffany groped him during a company meeting. He told that alcohol was also served in that meeting. Initially, he was hesitant to tell his colleagues about the incident. He informed the Human Resources Department a week after the incident. However, no action was taken on this. In a statement on behalf of Tiffany, his spokesperson denied these allegations.

In court filings, Olohan claimed that after reporting the incident, Tiffany filed a false complaint with the Human Resources Department in retaliation for him. However, the allegation against Olohan in this complaint was unclear. Olohan was fired by Google in July last year. The company said that he was sacked for not working closely with the team.

Google Alphabet, the American company that runs the company, recently announced the layoff of 12,000 workers. This will have an impact on recruiting as well as engineering and product teams. The company had told that this layoff is being done at the global level and it will start with the staff in America. Alphabet’s Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pichai gave this information in a staff memo. He had said, “I believe there is a huge opportunity ahead of us. The value of our products and services and our early investments in AI will position us strongly.” The company is postponing the payment of a part of the year-end bonus to its staff.

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