Google fired more than 400 employees in India!

Tech giant Google has fired more than 400 employees in India. It has been said that this retrenchment has been done from different departments of the company. The employees were informed late on Thursday via email about their termination. Google’s parent Alphabet recently announced layoffs of more than 10,000 employees.

Google India Country Head and Vice President Sanjay Gupta sent an email informing the employees about their termination. of our partner website Report According to the employees, this email was sent late on Thursday night. However, till now no response has been given by the company when asked about this. Last month, the company had announced layoffs of around 12,000 employees. At that time the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai had said that this decision has been taken due to the company’s growth slowdown. He had said that if the right decision is not taken in time, the situation can get worse.

owned by Alphabet YouTube has appointed Neil Mohan, an Indian American, to the position of its CEO. The company has taken this decision after leaving the post of the old CEO. Susan Wojcicki, the chief executive officer of video sharing service YouTube, has resigned after nine years at the helm. Wojcicki announced her resignation in a blog post. She said that she will focus on family, health and personal projects. Prior to this, she has held the responsibility as Vice President of Ad Products at Google.

Layoffs at Google are not a phenomenon. In the beginning of January, Microsoft also announced about 10,000 layoffs. The company had decided to reduce its workforce by 5 percent. At the same time, the e-commerce giant had talked about reducing 18 thousand employees from the workforce. Not only this, Meta, which is the parent of Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp, had announced to reduce 11,000 people from its workforce. For the first time, the company had announced such a huge level of layoffs, which is said to be 13% of its total workforce.

The talk of Yahoo Inc coming in this list has also come to the fore. The company is reportedly preparing to reduce the workforce by 20%. Other than this Zoom The company has announced to reduce 1300 employees from the company which is 15% of its workforce. recently Dell had also made a similar announcement. Computer devices maker Dell has announced layoffs in large numbers. The tech giant is going to lay off more than 6.5 thousand employees. The company says that due to low demand for personal computers, its revenue has decreased, due to which it has to reduce its workforce.

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