Google in Gross Violation of CCI Order App Developers Paying upto 26 Percent Commission: ADIF

Global tech company Google has been accused of violating the order of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and charging commission ranging from 11-26 percent from app developers who opt for alternative billing system. Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) has requested the authorities including CCI to look into the matter and ensure that Google complies with the order in full.

ADIF, a policy think tank associated with digital startups, has statement Said, “Recently Google has changed the way of billing for app developers. The company has told that if a user pays through an alternative billing system, then the service fee of Google play will be reduced by four percent. App developers will be forced to pay commission to the company even if they do not use Google’s service.” ADIF says that this will violate CCI’s order. Google Totally infringing.

The statement further said, “This is yet another attempt by Google to evade its liability under the law. The company contends that these changes have been made as per the regulatory requirement. However, it is in compliance with the CCI order.” There is a complete violation of the solutions.” The CCI had directed the company not to impose any conditions on app developers that would be unfair or discriminatory. No reason has been given as to why the company is charging a commission of 11-26 per cent even if the user uses a third-party processing service.

About 97 percent of the 600 million smartphones in the country run on Android. In Europe, this figure is about 75 percent for about 550 million smartphones. In October last year, the CCI had imposed a fine of about $161 million on Alphabet, the American company that runs Google, for misusing its dominant position in the Android market. The CCI also asked the company to change the way it markets its Android system in the country. Google said in a blog post, “Implementing these changes across the entire ecosystem is a complex process and will require significant contributions from us as well as, in many cases, partners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and developers.”

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