Google is giving 25 lakh rupees for finding a bug, everyone is getting a chance, know how?

Google has started a new Bug Bounty Program, in which the company is offering a reward of up to $ 31,337 (about Rs 25 lakh) for finding flaws in its open source projects. The name of this program is ‘Open Source Software Vulnerability Rewards Program (OSS VRP)’, which encourages researchers to report bugs with the highest actual and potential impact on open source software in the Google portfolio.

Google’s Tell Its OSS VRP program offers rewards ranging from $101 to $31,337 to bug finders in open source software, depending on the depth of the vulnerability and the importance of the product. According to the blog, the top award will go to anyone who finds a bug in projects like Golang, Angular, and Fuchsia.

Over time, the VRP lineup has expanded to include programs focused on Chrome, Android and other areas, and collectively these programs have rewarded more than 13,000 submissions, the Alphabet-owned company said. In which a total of more than $ 38 million (about Rs 303 crore) has been paid.

Google is the world’s largest contributor and consumer of open source. Last year, the company saw a 650% year-over-year increase in attacks targeting open source supply chains, including headliner incidents like CodeCov and the log4j vulnerability, which showed the destructive potential of a single open source vulnerability.

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