Google Releases Dos Donts List For Employees to Enhance and Prevent ChatGPT Rival Bard to Give Wrong Answers Details

Google’s parent Alphabet recently announced AI Bard, which will compete with ChatGPT. It is currently in the testing phase and very few users have access to it. Recently, due to Bard, the company had to suffer a loss of almost $ 100 billion, which was due to the AI ​​tool giving the wrong answer to a question. Perhaps that’s why Google Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan wants to make sure the company’s new ChatGPT competitor gets the answer right. For this, an email has been sent to the employees, in which they have been told what to do and what not to do regarding Bard.

CNBC’s According, Google Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan emailed his employees, giving some Do’s & Don’ts. It provided a link to a page with instructions on how employees should correct answers when testing Bard internally. At the top of the Dos and Don’ts section, Google provides guidance for what employees should consider “before teaching the bard.” Do’s and don’ts have been shared in emails to Google employees.

Talking about some of the do’s mentioned in the report, it states, “The Bard learns best by example, so taking the time to rewrite feedback will help us improve the mode.” In addition, testers have been told to keep responses “polite, casual and accessible”. It also states that “questions must be answered in the “first person”. In addition, there is also an order to “maintain an “indisputable, neutral tone”. Lastly, to “give a thumbs down” to Google employees providing “legal, medical, financial advice” or giving hateful and abusive answers Has been given.

There are also some don’ts, with the first point being that “employees should avoid making assumptions based on race, nationality, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, location, or similar categories.” The document further states, “Do not describe the Bard as a person, express emotions, or claim human-like experiences.” In addition, rewriting is forbidden. The document states, Don’t try to rewrite it; our team will take it from there.”

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