Google shuts down 7.5 thousand YouTube channels linked to China, Russia!

Google has blocked more than 7500 YouTube channels related to China, Russia, Iran etc. All these channels have been blocked in the early months of 2023 itself. That is, Google has taken this step during January-February. Google has given this information in a blog post. In which it has been said that 6,285 YouTube channels have been terminated and blogs of 52 bloggers have been blocked, whose relation has been told to China.

Google has a blog post I have said that in the first quarter of 2023, under the Coordinated Influence Operation Campaign, more than 7500 YouTube channels have been terminated. Explaining the reason on behalf of Google, it has been said that after the investigation of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, the channels have been closed for serving spam content. These channels used to upload content related to music, entertainment and lifestyle, which were related to China. google’s Threat Analysis Group It was investigated by (TAG) in which spam content has been found uploaded on the platform.

Google According to the Threat Analysis Group of Iran, 40 people who support the government of Iran youtube Channels have also been blocked. These channels used to upload content in English, Hindi, Persian and Urdu. The post states that these channels served content opposing the protesters in Iran and supporting the government. At the same time, 2 domains in the blocked channels are said to belong to Poland. It has been said about them that they were channels supporting Russia and used to serve content critical of America. Also giving wrong information about Ukraine.

In Google’s blog post, under the Coordinated Influence Operation Campaign by Threat Analysis Group, it has been said to block 87 such YouTube channels which were related to Russia’s Internet Research Agency. At the same time, 4 such YouTube channels have also been included in this block list which were leaking data against Ukraine. This data is said to be very sensitive from the point of view of refugees from Ukraine.

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