Google Trends Data Showed Searches for Questioning Self Sexuality Gender Identity Rises 1300 Percent Since 2004 Details

We often take the help of Google for our dilemmas and questions. Google also reveals from time to time what people search the most on its platform. Now, a market research firm has published its latest report, which shows that some searches have registered an increase of up to 1,300 percent since 2004. Read further to know.

Cultural Currents Institute in one of its latest Report reported a 1,300 percent increase in searches for Am I gay’ and ‘Am I lesbian’ as well as those questioning their own sexual identity. According to the institute, it gathered data from Google Trends from January 2004 to this month, which included questions related to sexual orientation and gender identity across the United States.

The five terms to be searched are ‘Am I gay’, ‘Am I lesbian’, ‘Am I trans’, ‘How to come out’, and ‘Am I nonbinary’. According to the report, Utah, a state with traditionally ‘conservative social values’ in the US, topped the first three searches. At the same time, Oklahoma and Vermount topped the search for the words ‘how to come out’ and ‘am I nonbinary’, respectively.

The report notes that “these tensions between public life and web searches are common in Utah, where we recently shared data indicating that searches for ‘VPN’ increased after the state banned the website Pornhub.” developed.”

All 50 US states and D.C. from January 2004 to the new 2023 were included in the creation of this report. Google Trends data was aggregated for the search terms “am I gay”, “am lesbian”, “am trans”, “how to come out”, and “nonbinary”.

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