Google will delay the payment of bonus to the staff to control the expenses

Google associated with online search is postponing the payment of a part of the bonus received by its staff at the end of the year. Alphabet, which runs Google, said that this is being done as part of a change in the new performance management system for workers. The company will pay 80 per cent advance bonus to the eligible workers and the rest will be given later.

A company spokesperson told Reuters told That the staff was informed about this last year. Due to lack of demand and worsening economic conditions, many tech companies are trying to reduce their expenses. Alphabet has also started layoffs. This has affected more than 200 workers in the company’s Health Sciences division. Amazon, Facebook-run Meta and Microsoft have laid off thousands of workers.

Advance bonus will be given to Google workers in January and the remaining 20 percent can be received in March or April. This will help Google to carry its cost to the next quarter. From next year, the company plans to pay all bonuses in March. Earlier, the entire bonus in Google was paid in the first month of the year. The growth of the cloud software and services industry has been affected due to reducing spending by clients. Google is also facing difficulties due to reduction in ad sales. Due to the slowdown, many companies have reduced the expenditure on advertising.

Difficulties are increasing for Google in India too. company got a big blow from the Supreme Court on Thursday. The court refused to stay the penalty of about Rs 1338 crore imposed on the company for using anti-competitive practices. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) imposed this penalty on Google for misusing the dominant position in the Android ecosystem. The company appealed against this in the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT). NCLAT refused to grant an interim stay on the penalty. After this, Google challenged the NCLAT order in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has asked the company to deposit 10 percent of the penalty amount in a week under the order of NCLAT.

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