Got handcuffed… had to go to jail, those 3 days felt like 30 years, Pakistani batter told the pain


The former Pakistan legend was once arrested at the airport
The veteran told the story related to the arrest in a podcast

New Delhi. Imran Nazir… Once upon a time this opener of Pakistan used to speak in the world. He was counted among the power hitter batsmen. He had the power to play big shots from the very first ball. But, being in and out of the team affected his career. For this reason, Imran was able to play only 8 Tests for Pakistan. It is a different matter that Imran played 79 ODIs and 25 T20s. Recently, this former veteran had made many shocking revelations about his life in a podcast.

Imran Nazir recently gave an interview to Pakistan’s YouTuber Nadir Ali. In this, this former Pakistan batsman made a disclosure about his life, how he was once arrested at the airport and after that he had to spend three days in jail.

Imran Nazir narrated the story of his arrest
In 1999, when Imran was 19 years old, he was going to Karachi at that time. But during the security check at the airport, a pistol was found in his bag. Imran himself was also surprised to see this. After this the police took him with them. Describing this incident in Nadir Ali’s podcast, Imran had said, “I used to live in Muridke. I was selected for the Under-19 series against South Africa. We were coming to Karachi. I put my bag to be scanned by the machine. Then the security personnel asked me whose bag it was. After this I was sidelined by the rest of the people. There were also bullets. After that I was handcuffed. I was kept in jail for 3 days. I was interrogated.

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‘For me 3 days…like 30 years had passed’
Imran Nazir further said, “The PCB intervened again and then I was released after spending 3 nights in jail. I was treated well. I still remember that I was lying in the lock-up and kept looking at the clock again and again to see when the time would pass. Those 3 days proved to be equal to 30 years for me. Then I returned to the field. Senior players and coach told me to forget this incident towards bad dream. After that I played good cricket and within a month I got into the Pakistan team. However, till date I do not know how that pistol came in my bag.

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