Government will clamp down on companies misusing customer data

There have been many cases of misuse of customer data by companies in the country. The central government says that this problem will be solved with the proposed Data Protection Bill. The government recently withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill from the Lok Sabha. The government had said it would introduce a new bill that would better deal with the problem.

Responding to the case in the US against internet search engine Google for tracking users’ location by giving them false information, Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that such misuse of customers’ data violates privacy and data protection. There is a violation of the ranging parameters. The Data Protection Bill will put an end to this problem. Firms or intermediaries violating this will face stringent consequences. data protection bill It is likely to be introduced in the winter session of Parliament.

Google has agreed to pay approximately $392 million to settle the legal matter in the US. Google’s Android has more than 95 percent share of the smartphone market in India. Strict scrutiny is being done in India regarding Google’s business practices. US company Alphabet, which runs Google, has been ordered to allow third-party billing or payment processing services in the country for app developers. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) had imposed a penalty of around Rs 932 crore on the company for using anti-competitive practices. Earlier, Google was fined around Rs 1,338 crore for unfair business practices related to the Android operating system.

The CCI, in a 199-page order, had said that Google had misused its dominant position to force app developers to use the company’s in-app payment system. A great way for developers to monetize their work is through the sale of in-app digital goods. Other than this Google has been asked to make eight improvements within three months. These include not prohibiting in-app purchases or app developers from using any third-party billing or payment processing services to purchase apps.

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