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Greg Barclay: ICC chairman Greg Barkley has warned that the increasing number of domestic T20 leagues is leading to shortening of bilateral series and could lead to a reduction in the number of Test matches over the next decade. Test cricket is of five days, due to which the audience likes it less. Barkley, who became ICC chairman in November 2020, said that the ICC would face major problems while deciding the next future tour schedule starting next year.

Chairman gave this statement

ICC chairman Greg Barkley said during the first match of the three-Test series between England and New Zealand on the BBC’s ‘Test Match Special’ programme, “Every year there is a tournament for women’s and men’s cricket.” Apart from this, domestic leagues are increasing. Due to this the bilateral series are getting shorter. He said, ‘Test cricket will remain an integral part of the game in the next 10 to 15 years, but the number of matches may be reduced.’

Concerns expressed over the future of this format

Greg Barkley also said that the Test format is not developing as fast in women’s cricket. He said, ‘The domestic structure to play Test cricket should be like that which is not present in any country. I don’t think the Test format is not developing as fast in women’s cricket.

Said this thing about India

“It will have unfortunate consequences,” he said. Also from the point of view of playing experience and also on the revenue of those countries which do not get opportunities to play much, especially against teams like India, Australia or England.
He also indicated that it will not affect countries like India, Australia and England.

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